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Why Mount Kailash is so important for Hinduism

Why Mount Kailash is so important for Hinduism

Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash is considered to be a very sacred and special place in Hinduism, according to Hinduism, lord Shiva lives with his wife Parwati and sons on Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva is called Aadidev in Hinduism, Which means that the initiator of creation. Lord Shiva is also called Mahadev, the God of Gods, Which means that Lord Shiva is worshiped by all the gods and the most powerful deity, No other deity is called by these names in Hinduism, Thus due to being a permanent abode of Lord Shiva, Mount Kailash is considered to be the most exclusive and most holy place in Hinduism.

It is believed in Hinduism that Lord Shiva is literally present on Mount Kailash, and by doing penance to Shiva near Mount Kailash one attains salvation. The shape of Mount Kailash is like a huge Shivling, Mount Kailash is considered the best among the twelve Jyotirlingas. For thousands of years, devotees go to visit Mount Kailash and to revolve around Mount Kailash, to fulfill their wishes and attain peace. It is believed that by revolving around Mount Kailash, all sins are destroyed and Lord Shiva is attained. 

There is a lake named Mansarovar near Mount Kailash.The area of ​​this lake is 320 square kilometers, Mansarovar means the lake of mind. According to Hinduism, this lake is a very holy lake, this building was done by Brahma himself. It is believed that all the gods come to bathe in the Brahma Muhurta at 3 - 4 am in the Mansarovar lake and after taking bath, they go to see Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash. According to Hinduism, seeing this lake and drinking its water, one gets heaven. In Hinduism, this lake is also called Kshir-Sagar, Kshir-sagar is also considered to be the abode of Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi operate the entire world from here. At some distance from Mount Kailash, there is a lake named Gaurikund, Goddess Parvati is believed to have done penance near Lake Gaurikund to obtain Lord Shiva.

Mansarovar Lake, located near Mount Kailash, has its own special qualities. Mansarovar Lake is the highest elevation freshwater lake in the world, Immediately next to this lake is a lake named Rakshastal whose water is very salty. Mansarovar lake is considered as the center of positive energy and Rakshastal is considered the center of negative energy. The water of Lake Mansarovar is always calm, no matter how bad the weather is, there is no stir in the water of this lake It is very surprising for such a huge lake. In contrast, the Rakshastal, which is situated near it, always has a stir in the water, even though there is calm weather, the waves continue to form. Many times mysterious light shells are seen above Mansarovar lake at 3 - 4 in the morning, it is not known how it is formed, it is believed that the gods come to bathe in this lake as this light. The sound of Om and the sound of Damru are always heard in the area of ​​this lake the source of which has not yet been ascertained.

According to Hinduism, there is an invisible divine Ashram in the surrounding areas of Mount Kailash, whose name is Gyanganj, It is also known by names like Shangri-La, Siddhashram and Shambhala. It is said that in this ashram, thousands of divine yogis have been meditating for thousands of years to attain salvation. To get admission in this ashram it is necessary to attain a special level of devotion, no ordinary person can enter this ashram, Even an ordinary person cannot see this ashram. 

Thus Mount Kailash and the entire area around it is considered to be the most sacred pilgrimage place in Hinduism. 

According to Hinduism, no ordinary person can climb Mount Kailash

Hinduism is a very ancient religion, it is unknown when this religion started, According to the Vedas, the original books of this religion, this religion has existed since the beginning of creation. In Hinduism since ancient times it is believed that Mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva and only this person can climb this mountain, who is free from sin, is genuine in heart, is very pure and has attained the highest stage in devotion to Lord Shiva, This belief has been proved many times even in the present day because no one has been able to climb Mount Kailash till date. 

The height of Mount Kailash is 6638 meters, which is more than 2200 meters lower than Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world, yet no one has climbed Mount Kailash till today, while thousands of people have climbed Mount Everest. According to mountaineers, whenever the attempt is made to climb Mount Kailash, the weather suddenly becomes bad, there is confusion and depression, the body starts to weaken, Either way, sudden conditions are created that make the climb impossible. It seems as if supernatural powers do not want anyone to climb Mount Kailash. 

Features of Mount Kailash

The shape of Mount Kailash is similar to the shape of a pyramid, it does not have the shape of a cone like other mountains, this mountain has four surfaces that align with the four directions. According to Hinduism, Mount Kailash is the focal point of the world, and Mount Kailash is made of Crystal on one side, Ruby on the other side, Gold on the third side, and Sapphire on the fourth side, how much truth is there in this matter, it can be detected only by scientific research, but for scientific research we have to climb kailash mountain, which has not been possible till date. The last attempt to climb mount kailash was made in 2001 by a Spanish team, after which the Chinese government has officially banned attempts to climb Mount Kailash.

The speed of time increases on Mount Kailash. It has been found by people visiting near Kailash mountain and by many researchers that hair and nails start growing rapidly while spending time near Mount Kailash. It is said that once a group of Siberian climbers were trying to climb Mount Kailash, they climbed above a certain limit and they all immediately became a few decades old due to which they had to return and for a year All those climbers died due to old age. 

Mount Kailash is considered to be the center of the earth, here all the directions are united and no compass works on it, according to the study of Russian scientists, Mount Kailash can be a man-made pyramid built of a highly developed civilization. 

The North Pole is 6666 km from Mount Kailash and the South Pole is 13332 km from Mount Kailash, which is exactly double the distance from North Pole, this is a strange coincidence

Mount Kailash is considered to be the Axis Mundi area of ​​the Earth, Axis Mundi is a Latin word that means the center of the universe. On Mount Kailash, material world and spiritual world merge together.

In this way, Mount Kailash is a very sacred and mysterious mountain, where supernatural forces flow and in addition to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism also have deep faith in mount kailash. 

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